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Let go of resistance and attachment to life's

difficulties and

"empty your mind

to be formless,

shapeless, like



Bruce Lee


Be Like Water Counselling is a Gold Coast Counselling program created to assist Adults, Teens and their Families manage life's difficulties and transform personal problems and concerns into personal insight and acceptance.  I specialize in successfully working with clients to develop effective ways of coping, managing and accepting emotional & behavioural issues, including Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Grief and Loss and Conflict and other things that appear as a result of being alive and life’s curve balls. 


Thank you for seeing hope invisible to others, thank you for living by your principles, thank you for caring for me, thank you for showing me a better way





As a Parent you like to think that you are able to help your teen with whatever problems they face in their world.  But as teens grow, sometimes parents are unable to meet all of the teen’s needs. MORE


As an adult there can be a lot of expectations on you from family, friends, society and your workplace but most of all yourself. MORE


Are you finding it challenging to maintain a healthy family environment? Family therapy can help, it  deals with changing relationship patterns, dynamics, stage of development help and transitions. MORE

I Can Help With....
Self Development / Spiritual Growth

  • Reviewing your values

  • Finding your true purpose

  • Become self aware

  • Living an authentic life

  • Discovering who you are

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