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Young Adults

I understand that being a young adult can be a confusing time for many.

There can be a lot of expectations on you from family, friends, society and your workplace but most of all yourself. It is a time when you may be developing your career. When role identity and personal development is playing on your mind.  Your relationships may be  developing and becoming more serious.  Or maybe you are feeling pressured to develop a more serious relationship with another person. 

These pressures along with your developmental difficulties from childhood may develop into  an internal struggle. added to this can come  the complexity and confusion  off working out who you are and  what you really want from your life.  All sorts of internal emotional conflict  can arise as a result .

I appreciate  that you may be working hard at getting on with your life, going to work, developing relationships, hanging out with your friends and yet something is missing and you may not know what. Maybe  you have a racing mind and can't stop your thoughts or maybe you are feeling  Anxious, Stressed, Depressed or just  confused .  Maybe you are tempted to turn to unhealthy behaviors in an attempt to  ​self soothe yourself  or you maybe  pretending to those around you that everything is ok when you know that it really isn't. Whatever is happening for you I am here to help.

My role as a Counselor ​is to provide a space where you feel listened to and can work through your concerns in a safe and supported space. A place where together we can create your life in a way that feels right for you.


If somehow  this resonates with you I would like to hear from you. Your journey  is ​unique to you and I would love to hear about and assist you with it.

With respect


PH 0481 326 858 or go to the contact page and leave a message and I will contact you to make a time to meet.

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