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My role as a Counselor is to provide a space where you feel listened to and can work through your concerns in a safe and supported space. A place where together we can create your life in a way that feels right for you and your loved ones.

We specialise in working with younger people and their families (when required) aged from 15 yrs to 35 yrs but we work with everyone.

So what is the counseling process about and how can it help you. Here at Be Like Water Counseling we like to follow a three step process

The first step is assisting you to Recover from the presenting problem, the things that brought you to our practice in the first place. We know that you aren't broken, and that you don't need to be fixed. We also know you already have the answers and solutions to your own life. However we recognise that sometimes you may need some help to find them.

The second step and probably the most important we call Uncovery it is about uncovering who you are beyond you problems and concerns and the suffering that occurs as a response to them. Then learning how to let this uncovered authentic self drive your everyday life. Uncovery is about living a life that is proactive and not reactive to your circumstances.

And the third step is Discovery. The Discovering you true authentic self, the you that feels Happiness and Peace and Bliss and is Clear Minded and Present. The Human BEING that you truly are.
We operate on the following principles:

We Focus on your strengths and resilience, what you are doing right, and how you can do more of this in parts of your life where you might be unhappy.

We are not interested in diagnoses or deficits, or imposing our ideas on your life. We believe you already have all the solutions for whatever’s troubling you right now, and we are skilled at helping you to find them within you as soon as possible.

Seeking some help to overcome the issues you may be experiencing is courageous and something to be very proud of. We will always see you as a person and not a patient.
We believe that Counseling should be accessible and affordable to everyone without the need for 'mental health plans' that doctors sign off every day,

 We believe that most people don't have a mental illness just faulty thinking processes.
If somehow this resonates with you I would like to hear from you. Your journey is unique to you and I would love to hear about and assist you with it.

With respect



Phone 0481 326 858 or go to the contact page and leave a message and I will contact you to make a time to meet.

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