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Drug & Alcohol Addictions

Drug and Alcohol Addictions

Alcohol and Drugs Affect Everyone

“At some stage of your life, it is highly likely that alcohol and drugs will affect you, your family or someone you know negatively”.

Whilst this statement may be true it is not the use of drugs and alcohol themselves or even the substance addictions that we focus on at BLWC, but rather the underlying damage that drives this usage.  As can be seen in the drawing below. If we don’t deal with the damage to the roots we will just move from one addiction to another or maybe even more than one at a time.






















Alcohol and Drug Addictions Gold Coast

Our work is to assist you to uncover the underlying wounding, damage and division that lies deep with you. For us the real work is in the understanding of what created this original damage in the beginning and then assisting you to  recover from and letting go of these events.(this may be early trauma, abandonment, abuse etc)   Eventually the healing journey leads to the uncovery of who you are beyond your pain and division and the discovery of how to live your life free from these events.and finally discovering your authentic perfect loveable self.

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